Welcome to the world of Annulus, a place of war and politics, lands shrouded in magic, mystery and great peril.

Bold warriors clash against one another, battling for what they think should be rightfully theirs. Daring treasure hunters plunge deep into the ancient tombs and temples to the Lost Gods in pursuit of wealth and fame. Mages use their immeasurable knowledge to discover the secrets that will bring them the power to topple governments or protect the land from evil.

This is the land of Annulus, once a world connected that is now separated by mysterious magical Walls. Some great Empires seek to tear down the Walls, wishing to bring back the fully open world, while others push to have the Walls remain untouched, enjoying the stark separation between once warring kingdoms. Now it is your turn to join in the world, to decide the future of this divided land.

The Severed Lands