From the haughty and xenophobic Eladrin to the bestial and competitive Minotaur, Annulus’s vast landscape allows nearly every kind of person to exist. Who your character is and where they come from, more than what they can do, often plays a vital role in defining your character in the world

Creating a Character

Any character created using the rules in the Player’s Handbook works as a character in the Severed Lands setting, but this chapter explains how to create a character tailored for Annulus and ground it in the rich detail of the setting. See the Appendix for a full list of races and classes available to this campaign and where to find their rules.

Character Classes

All of the classes described in the Player’s Handbook work in the Severed Lands campaign setting, though some have flavor differences. For example, Warlocks choose a New God as their patron instead of the traditional options.

Character Region and Faction


The player’s handbook only needs you to pick from one background, but the Severed Lands campaign setting give you the opportunity to add a region to your background which can help define your character in the world. These regions give each player specific regional plots and rumors that only they know due to their character’s life in that region. Each region’s rumors can be found in their Appendix.

Each race and class lists a number of suggested regions in which your type of character is most likely common or encouraged by the principle culture. These are not rules however, and as such any race or class can show up anywhere across Annulus.


As a minor option, you have the option of choosing a faction to be a member of at the start of the game. Faction membership at this stage only affects your Renown points, as explained more in the Factions and Major Religions section. Although it is not required to be a member of a faction, it is another option to flesh out your character more fully in the setting.

Character Races

Annulus is inhabited by numerous races. Many of these races have existed there for thousands of years, their histories going back further than any knowledge. Other races herald from the Outer Planes and became stranded in Annulus, forced to make their own culture. Some even exist solely because the stranded races procreated with the native ones. In the Severed Lands campaign setting, some of the races described in the Player’s Handbook and extra errata vary from the standard lore. The setting is also home to a few unique races alongside the standard ones.

For example, you can find Wood Elves and High Elves, but the Eladrin are the dominate elven subrace. Some of the races are more commonly round in specific regions due to the Walls’ segregation, but your choice of home region can add an extra level of complexity to your character’s background.

The most common races found in Annulus are simply those who choose to interact the most with the civilized races. The more uncommon races are either those races that tend to stick to their own or those who are actually rare in the world.

The Common Races:
Elf- Eladrin and High
The Uncommon Races:
Elf- Wood and Drow


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